U.S. to announce new sanctions against Russia for trying to kill Putin critic Navalny


The Biden Administration plans to put new sanctions on Russian government officials for the poisoning and jailing of Putin opponent Alexei Navalny, according to senior officials on Tuesday.

The administration will announce that the U.S. intelligence community assesses with high confidence that officers from Russia’s Federal Security Service (FSB) attempted to kill Navalny with a chemical weapon last August.

Details of the sanctions were not released but three agencies – State , Treasury and Commerce are taking actions.

The goal of the actions is to put the U.S., European Union and the U.K. on “the same page” and “speaking with the one voice” in condemning the actions against Navalny, officials said.

In part, the U.S. is catching-up to earlier actions from the EU and the UK, officials said.

Navalny recovered from the attack in a hospital in Germany. When he returned to Russia in January he was arrested, tried and sentenced to two years in prison. Officials called the charges “spurious” and called on Russia to unconditionally and immediately release Navalny from prison.

Officials said the U.S. is not seeking a “reset” with Russia, but will aim for stability and predictability in the bilateral relationship.


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