This environment week, think long term: Be the turtle.


opportunities to invest in U.S. companies, EV companies, Clean investments, eco-friendly, environment dayHere are some companies that caught our attention with their clean practices.

It’s time to take action.

When we talk about working towards environment change and sustainability, we often restrict ourselves to the main event on the 5th of June, popularly known as World Environment Day. Ignorantly, we expect a whole year’s worth of pollution, contamination, and deterioration to be compensated for on this one grandiose day dedicated to the environment.

But it’s time to think beyond. It’s time to make small contributions- tiny steps everyday that work towards saving the planet to make sure our children and grandchildren see a happy time on earth. Nature needs saving- and we all stand equally responsible for it.

“When you think about “the future”, you don’t think beyond the year 2050. By then I will not even have lived half of my life. What happens next? The year 2078 I will celebrate my 75th birthday. What we do or don’t do, right now, will affect my entire life, and the lives of my children and grandchildren.”
– Greta Thunberg

As changemakers like Greta Thunberg tirelessly work towards making our world a sustainable place to live in, it is time for us to join hands with leaders like her and do our bit.

And as it turns out, doing your bit doesn’t have to be restricted to trekking to the beach to remove waste, or to plant trees to increase afforestation. While physical environment care is necessary, it is not the exhaustive solution. By making the right choices, you can help the planet by investing in equity as well!

Yes, you read that right. As 2020 calls for global companies to get “woke”, there are several opportunities to invest in U.S. companies that manufacture clean products, or have a manufacturing process that is eco-friendly and nurturing to their surroundings.

EV companies, fast food chains, energy companies and many more have all turned their attention to the planet. Companies now focus on profitability combined with the much needed- sustainability.

Hoping to have intrigued you enough, here are some companies that caught our attention with their clean practices:

Companies that Manufacture “Clean”

1. Covanta Holding Corporation (CVA): Cleaning garbage for business is as environmentally friendly as one can get. But Covanta is not just your usual trash collector. The company also sorts through its garbage for recyclables and uses waste to generate electricity, having recycled 21.6 million tonnes of waste diverted from landfills. With 570,000 tonnes of metal recycled, equivalent to 3 billion soda cans, this company keeps sustainability as it’s number one priority.

2. Clean Harbors (CLH) has similar noble causes. This company is an end-to end hazardous waste management, emergency spill response, industrial cleaning and maintenance, and recycling services provider. In 2010 the company was involved in cleaning up the biggest oil spill in history in the Gulf of Mexico. One of Clean Harbors’ main products, Safety Kleen provides used oil collection, recycling and refining, parts washing and other environmental services to efficiently manage waste streams. With the quality of work done by Clean Harbors, other companies sure have big shoes to fill.

3. Trimble (TRMB) is an innovative agricultural company that works towards “Transforming the way the World works”. This company uses innovative technologies in positioning and modelling customers to improve productivity, quality safety and sustainability. Trimble’s agricultural initiative helps farmers spray just the right amount of pesticides to their crops, preventing overuse of chemicals.

4. Weyerhaeuser Company (WY) is a true symbol of ethical practices. When you borrow something, you must return it- that is this timber manufacturer’s motto. So, when the company cuts trees to use timber, it gives back to the environment by planting another 1 billion trees over a decade. It’s recent initiative, “Restoring Oregon’s Forests” involves a dedicated commitment by the company to replant 40 million trees in Oregon by 2024, and to prioritize areas along streams to protect water quality for surrounding communities after the fires that happened last year.

5. Tesla (TSLA), Ford(F), General Motors(GM), Fisker(FSR)– need we say any more? These companies work towards rebuilding the transportation scene of the world. As these companies focus on creating electrically autonomous vehicles like cars, trucks, and ships that give zero carbon emissions, these companies make for a key model of profitability and sustainability. The world is slowly shifting to auto-vehicles, and there is little doubt in what investing in these companies will bring!

Data as on June 2nd, 2021| Source: Yahoo Finance

While these companies manufacture clean, there are others which have understood the need to change their systems to work with nature, not against it. Many marquee companies in the United States pledged to be greener in 2020 as earth’s saving took priority over all else. Some of these companies are the ones you have ingrained in your muscle memory. Here’s a look:

Companies that Learnt to Change

Often, investors are caught up with the goal of exponential growth. “Where do I put my Rs. 5 lakhs to make it Rs. 50 lakhs in 5 years”, is the ultimate dream of a retail bidder. But these ideal returns can only be achieved with the right investments, and not with quick investments.

Clean investments fall under the former category. Now when you think of investing for the long term, not only are you helping yourself make steady returns, but you are also investing in the longevity of your planet. By investing in clean and green stocks- you are being right and righteous at the same time!

An alternate perspective for you. In the race of the turtle and the hare, the turtle always wins. It’s because the turtle, albeit slow, has steady, stable speed, and always makes it to the finish line in time. Think of yourself as the turtle of long term investing. Think Green. Think Long Term. Think U.S Equity.


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