Nasdaq gains slip after setting intraday record in big tech earnings week



Technology-related stocks pare gains Monday morning while the Dow and broader market lagged behind at the start of a busy week of earnings that will feature results from tech giants Apple Inc., Tesla Inc. and Facebook Inc. See full story.

Why are markets going crazy? Smartphones, one study suggests

Low interest rates? Bored traders stuck at home? A new study has come up with an alternative explanation for the surge in speculative activity. See full story.

What to watch for as Apple, Tesla and Facebook prepare to report record sales in busy week of earnings

Companies have barely managed to eke out positive earnings growth so far this season, but the big test arrives in the week ahead. See full story.

COVID-19 will cause twice as much homelessness as Great Recession, researchers say

Unemployed renters were spending virtually all of their unemployment insurance on housing costs before the latest stimulus. See full story.

ServiceNow joins COVID-19 vaccine-distribution effort

“Distributing, administering and monitoring vaccinations is the greatest workflow challenge of our time,” ServiceNow Chief Executive Bill McDermott told MarketWatch. See full story.


‘Whenever I see a new place, I have to sign forms about COVID-19, such as if I have traveled anywhere, tested positive recently or know anyone who has.’ See full story.


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