Here’s one way to pay down debt and help your credit score

More ways to improve your credit profile while crushing debt

No matter which payoff method you choose, you can layer on some simple tactics to help improve your credit profile while you wipe out debt:

  • Make multiple credit card payments a month: This can help you manage your balances and keep overall utilization low throughout the billing cycle. Try treating your credit card like a debit card by covering charges once they post on your account.

  • Make on-time payments: Payment history has the biggest influence on your credit score, so hitting payment deadlines is important. You can make this easier for yourself by automating payments or setting up reminders about due dates.

  • Scrub your credit report: Errors in credit reports aren’t uncommon. Be sure to read through your credit reports at least annually to check for wrong or outdated information that may be dragging down your score. Dispute any errors you find.

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