Elon Musk says he’s taking a break from Twitter


Fresh from singing the praises of bitcoin, the GameStop rally, and Etsy, Tesla
Chief Executive Elon Musk says he’s taking a break from Twitter.

In a terse message, Musk says he’s “off Twitter
for a while.” It isn’t the first time the entrepreneur has taken a break from the platform that has previously gotten him into trouble with the Securities and Exchange Commission, having used the exact same phrasing on Jun. 2, 2020. His Twitter break then lasted nearly three weeks.

Before exiting Twitter, he displayed a video of the Giga Berlin factory, which when completed will make batteries and powertrains for Tesla. He also said human trials at Neuralink, a neurotechnology company he founded, could start as early as this year.

His Twitter silence preceded news that Tesla was recalling roughly 135,000 Model S luxury sedans and Model X sport-utility vehicles over touch-screen failures.

In recent weeks, Musk has changed his profile to simply “#bitcoin”
and commented on the rally in GameStop
jokingly calling it “GameStonk.”

Reactions to Musk’s break focused on the possible impact to markets.

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