Dog DNA tests are a thing. Here’s what happened when I tried this $51 kit on my mutt


What to consider:

  • It might not be that easy to get a DNA sample from your dog’s mouth. You have to swab the space between their gum and their cheek for several seconds and Gus wasn’t thrilled — it might be helpful to have an extra set of hands to help conduct the swab.

  • Results say they take two weeks but it took closer to five for us to receive them.

  • Their breed database is smaller than other companies who offer dog DNA tests, and it’s pretty hard for me to verify the accuracy of the results; some customers disagreed with their results.

  • There are other, more highly ranked dog DNA kits, you may want to consider:

    • Embark Breed and Health Kit ($159 on Amazon) is one of the most highly ranked dog breed tests, with sites like Wirecutter and The Spruce Pets ranking it as the best.

    • Wisdom Panel Health ($149 on Chewy) is a Wirecutter and Canine Journal pick for top dog DNA test. 

Bottom line:

I like knowing what some of Gus’ DNA makeup is so that I can research common personality traits and characteristics and educate myself on how dogs like him age and what to expect in terms of breed-specific ailments. DNA My Dog is among the least expensive tests to buy at $51, but others like Embark Breed and Health Kit ($159 on Amazon) and Wisdom Panel Health ($149 on Chewy) get better reviews.

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