AMC shares surge over 15% on #AMCDay as meme traders aim to push movie chain’s shares back above $60



Shares of movie chain were aloft to start another week, with the company’s stock headed sharply higher amid a social-media campaign to push it toward $60 a share. See full story.

Suze Orman says bitcoin is a ‘place to put some money and just leave it’

Suze Orman might as well add laser eyes to her Twitter handle, as the new crypto social-media dictates. See full story.

Dimon: JPMorgan is sitting on about $500 million in cash, waiting to invest in higher rates

Banking giant JPMorgan is sitting on a near half-billion-dollar stockpile of cash, waiting to invest in higher rates in the coming months, instead of buying Treasurys or other securities, Chief Executive Jamie Dimon said Monday at a virtual banking conference. See full story.

Is it time for Americans to drop their infatuation with the PCR test? That’s what this COVID-19 testing expert thinks

Dr. Michael Mina is an assistant professor of epidemiology at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health. See full story.

As new car inventory dries up, here are the ones that are almost impossible to get

Whether it’s a chip shortage or a strong economy, whatever the cause, one thing that’s for sure is new cars are in short supply. These models are nearly nonexistent on dealer lots. See full story.


See full story.


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