YouTube cites violence concerns in barring posting of new content by Trump


Alphabet Inc.’s
YouTube video streaming service suspended President Trump’s account Tuesday evening, days after other large tech platforms responded to a deadly riot at the Capitol by banning the president. On Twitter Inc.
which banned the president from its service Friday, YouTube said that the president could not upload new content for a minimum of seven days. The suspension was in response to new content uploaded to Trump’s account, “and in light of concerns the ongoing potential for violence,” YouTube said. Facebook Inc.
banned the president until at least the end of his term within 24 hours of Wednesday’s insurrection attempt at the U.S. Capitol by Trump supporters, and other services followed. YouTube took down a video the president posted to multiple services in which he professed love for the attackers, but it said Tuesday that the most recent removal was Trump’s “first strike.” YouTube would not disclose the nature of the video that caused Tuesday’s suspension when asked by CNN. The company said commenting would also be disabled on the president’s videos.


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