Climate graphic of the week: shipping routes behind Mediterranean oil spill


Map showing the paths of 210 vessels that passed within 50 km of the Israel/Lebanon coast between Feb 10 and Feb 12

After an oil spill in the Mediterranean this week that washed tonnes of tar on to the coast of Israel and Lebanon and devastated sea life, the Financial Times mapped the routes of all vessels in the region during the relevant period.

The tracking includes all 210 ships that were within 50km of the coast from February 10 to February 12, one day either side of an event suspected to be the cause.

As the source appeared to be bunker fuel — to drive the vessel itself — the data includes all vessel types over a certain size, not only oil carriers.

Of the 210 ships, 116 were bulk carriers, 47 container ships, 35 tankers, nine vehicle carriers and three LPG carriers.

Officials described the extent of the damage as one of the worst ecological disasters in decades, and Israeli authorities are investigating to track down the source.


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