Cassava’s stock tumbles again, after Quanterix said it ‘did not’ prepare data charts presented by Cassava, that are under dispute


Quanterix Corp.
said that while it was previously engaged by Cassava Sciences Inc.
to perform sample testing, the digitized biomarker analysis company said it, or its employees, “did not interpret the test results or prepare the data charts” presented by Cassava to the Alzheimer’s Association International Conference (AAIC) in July, or otherwise. Earlier this week, in Cassava’s response to a request the Food and Drug Administration halt clinical studies of Cassava’s Alzheimer’s treatment because of concerns over the accuracy and integrity of presented biomarker data, Cassava had said that data from Alzheimer’s patients were generated by Quanterix. The news of the halt request had sent Cassava’s stock plunging 39.9% in two days through Thursday. Quanterix’s stock dropped 9.2% on Thursday, after losing 1.5% on Wednesday. In Friday’s statement, Quanterix said it is “widely recognized for its commitment to business integrity and to upholding the highest standards of quality.” Quanterix’s stock rose 4.5% in premarket trading, while Cassava shares tumbled 21.2%


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