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Twitter Spaces is back this Friday, and we’re delighted to host the ace economic historian Adam Tooze. Adam is the author of books on topics ranging from the financial crisis to the economics of Nazi Germany, as well as countless articles, and winner of numerous prizes. He has taught at Cambridge and Yale and is at Columbia University in NYC.

Adam has just published his new book Shutdown on how Covid shook the world economy and why a response from policymakers, unprecedented in scale, staved off a full-on meltdown. We’ll be asking him about that, and what lies ahead — including how he thinks climate change is set to wreak havoc on global growth.

He joins the FT Alphaville team this Friday at 4pm UK time. To take part in the chat click here. Or follow @izakaminska, @ajbpowell or @senojerialc.

And if you have any questions, do raise your virtual hands so that we can bring you in. (Though, as delightful as everyone’s background noises are these days, do keep yourself on mute until you are invited to speak.) One more reminder: Spaces only works in listening mode if accessed from your desktop computer.


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