our video team’s most unexpected moments of 2020


Cringe and Craig Wright

No year is complete without a substantial dose of cringe worthy content…and unfortunately Cointelegraph is no exception.

The Cointelegraph YouTube channel had a strong start in this department with the publication of a video interview with Satoshi Nakamoto claimant Craig Wright. The video garnered over a thousand comments, with many remarking on the awkward interaction between the host (me) and Craig Wright. One of the most liked comments on the video came from a small-time YouTuber named River:

This interview was awkward. There is no contenting that. As the host, I felt it quite strongly during the recording. However, the reason for the awkwardness was not what most people seemed to think. I don’t despise Craig Wright or feel any animosity towards him despite his bold claims.

In fact, the interview was actually conducted using a well-known technique called mirroring. In an effort to pry more information and details out of him, I often paused after his answers or repeated back to him his most recent talking point. The result was an interview that appeared to be cringey and possibly even hostile, but was quite effective at revealing Wright’s personality traits and exposing several of his bolder claims.

Watch the full interview here.

John McAfee poses with his AK-47 for our former head of news

John McAfee is infamous around the world for his eccentric hobbies and larger than life personality. In the crypto sphere, the American computer scientist is best known for his multiple presidential candidacies, outrageous price predictions, and a bet (now nicknamed ‘The D*ckening’) to eat his own genitalia on live television if Bitcoin fails to reach $500K by the end of 2020. He has even managed to remain active on Twitter despite currently residing in a Spanish jail, where he faces extradition to the US over tax evasion charges. 

Cointelegraph is therefore no stranger to covering McAfee’s wild side. That’s why no one on the video team was surprised when McAfee (upon request) brandished his AK-47 during a virtual video interview with Cointelegraph’s former head of news, Dylan Love. In the same interview, he claimed he is ‘99% certain’ of Satoshi Nakamoto’s identity and also described how he traumatized a visiting journalist by faking a game of Russian roulette. McAfee may be getting older, but his stories never do.

Watch the full interview here.

Thank you, to you!

To round off the year, the Cointelegraph video team would like to extend a huge thank you to you, the viewers, for supporting the channel and watching our content. In 2020, the Cointelegraph YouTube channel… 

  • Published 140 videos
  • Had nearly 2 million unique views
  • Gained 30,000 new subscribers
  • Had almost 250,000 hours of watch time

From all of us on the Cointelegraph video team, we can’t wait to see what next year brings and we hope you will stick around to join us. As always, don’t forget to like, subscribe, and hodl!